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This site gathers a couple of essays on topics related to square dance calling that I have written over the years. In the beginning, I wrote in German, and still most of my articles exist in German versions only; in 2006 I decided to switch to English as I found more and more English speaking friends. I am planning to also translate my older articles into English as they need some revision anyhow. Unfortunately I am currently short of time for personal reasons - but this is a temporary.

Basically, I start to write an article if I become interested in a topic and try to sort out what I know. So each text actually does not reflect my 'superior knowledge' but my process of learning and searching. Inconsistencies and errors are possible, and I often feel the need to do a revision - in particular when a document is new, or after feedback from a reader. In other words, all my essays are work in progress - my thoughts are not finished. And all of them do just represent my personal opinion, often something that I never found anywhere else and that I wanted to share and discuss with other people. It may sometimes be different from the official views of Callerlab, ECTA and some big name callers.

And I am always happy for comments - when you read something where you agree or disagree, let me know. And most of all, if a particular thought was not expressed clearly and is therefore not understandable.

Have fun with my site, and don't believe what I am writing - think yourself.
(Version 2007-08-08)
An article about body flow and a new modifier. The document contains some theoretical and a bit generical reflexions about elements in the Mainstream program that make calling with the flow more difficult than necessary.
Facing Couples Rule and Ocean Wave Rule
(Version 2007-08-08)
The essay reflects the two rules and when and where they should be applied. Swing Thru from facing couples is not the only possibility! On the other hand, dealing with the ambiguity of the two formations wave and facing couples is perhaps not always as simple as some courageous callers might be aware - at least if we still want to provide a fluent dancing where body flow and its implications are essential.
Courtesy Turn
(Version 2008-03-23)
This call is used often in early class and then neglected in favor for the calls derived from it. Perhaps this is the reason why it feels a bit simple and old-fashioned not only to dancers but also to callers. I remember when it hit me shortly after graduation and I had completly forgotten it; in my confusion I did a California Twirl, clearly knowing that this was wrong. The entire square laughed at me...

The article investigates possible usages of the call and makes some discoveries that were new to me.
Walk Around Your Corner / See Saw
(Version 2008-02-25)
In class, these calls seem a bit odd because they use the 'wrong' shoulder when meeting corner and partner. Apparently, this can be useful from time to time, and so they can serve a necessary functionality whithin ring formations. But as the calls are used quite rarely and - most of all - only from standardized sequences, it might be worth to see if they also offer some hidden possibilities.

Another question the article tries to answer is why these calls are not used more often within the resolution process.
Calling Through Ring Formations
(Version 2007-08-08)
This long article represents almost all my knowledge about ring formations such as circles, stars, thars, alamo rings, promenades and so on. The article does not really try to find unusual or sophisticated applications. Instead it concentrates on a kind of developed 'classical' approach. For instance, it more or less only considers 'normal' and 'half sashayed' arrangements.
Singing Call Evenings
(Version 2008-01-05)
A detailled description of four singing call evenings that the author did in the years 2004 to 2008.
Essays in German
(Version 2010-01-29)
Some German articles, most of them written in the years 2004 to 2005.
About the Author
(Version 2007-07-15)
A bit about me - and a photo!


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